Heartland Homes provides you with a ‘one stop solution’ for all your design and construction needs. We can assist you with subdividing your land or removing an existing dwelling and we can also assist you in obtaining land and finance.

Heartland Homes has a comprehensive range of house designs for you to choose from, or help give you direction in the design process. There are a large variety of floor plans and exterior styles available for you to adapt to suit to your own requirements. Flip, rotate or amend them in anyway, our team has loads of great ideas to ensure your home becomes uniquely “yours.

Heartland Homes will build a dream home to suit your site, your lifestyle and importantly, your budget. Start with one of your plans, or your ideas and let us do the rest.

We will work closely with you to bring your ideas and visions to life.

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Norfolk Pine 84sqm




Silverbeech 95sqm




Cherry 108sqm



  Mamaku 120sqm





  Nikau 128sqm





  Macrocarpa 143sqm





  Lancewood 148sqm





  Miro 157sqm





Teak 159sqm





  Matai 160sqm





  Olive 164sqm





Cedar 164sqm





Rata 176sqm





  Tawa 181sqm





 Palm 187sqm





  Ribbonwood 192sqm





  Kowhai 204sqm





  Redwood 210sqm





  Karaka 212sqm





  Chestnut 221sqm





  Rimu 223sqm





  Oak 232sqm





  Elm 235sqm





  Kauri 242 sqm





  Totara 306sqm





  Pohutukawa 325sqm